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Cartridge Case Washing

Cartridge Case Washing Machine


Efficiently washes cartridge cases

Caliber range

Small arms ammunition

Theoretical rate

  • Maximum 500 kg/hr 

Basic Data

  • Machine overall dimensions
    8,000 (L) x 1,400 (W) x 2,000 (H) mm
  • Hourly capacity:
    20,000 ~ 35,000 cases/hr
  • Drive system: geared motor and roller
  • Feed system: feed chute and screw drum conveyor

Machine description

  • Cases are fed into screw drum conveyor that allows a continuous and regular transfer of cases.
  • Cases undergo pickling, cold water washing, alkalization and warm water washing processes.
  • Cases are dried by blowing hot air inside drum.

Main Features


Circulates hot air


Controls flow of liquid

No. Item Description
1 Pickling Cleans cases with an acid solution
2 Cold water washing Rinses remaining acid solution with cold water
3 Alkalization Cleans cases with an alkali solution
4 Warm water washing Regulates steam valve with controller