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601 Figueroa Street, Suite 4600
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Lead Core Swaging Machine

Lead Core Swaging (LCSM)


Produces lead cores from lead wires

Caliber range

Small arms ammunition

Additional technical data

Compressed air: 6 bar

Machine Description

  • Lead wire pulled from unwinder
  • Lead wire cut at set length and shape to be formed into lead core
  • Formed lead core discharged by an ejector punch
Specifications LCSM 1 LCSM 2
Theoretical rate 180 parts/min 180 parts/min
Type Horizontal mechanical press Horizontal mechanical press
Hourly capacity Max. 8,600 parts/hr Max. 8,600 parts/hr
Overall dimensions (mm) 1,200 (L) x 3,000 (W) x 1,500 (H) 1,400 (L) x 3,300 (W) x 1,600 (H)
Net weight 2,700 kg 3,500 kg

Main features


  • Equipped with an automatic wire supply

Drive system

  • Contains centralized lubrication
  • Driven by a programmable controller
No. Item Description
1 Unwinder Pulls lead wire
2 Punch and die Cuts lead wire to set length and forms wire into lead core
3 Drive system Drives all sub-assembly motion with one main motor