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601 Figueroa Street, Suite 4600
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Lead Core Washing

Lead Core Washing Machine


Pickles, rinses, soaps and dries lead cores.

Caliber Range

Small arms ammunition.

Theoretical rate

Maximum 800 kg/lot

Basic data

  • Type: conveyor
  • Machine overall dimensions:
  • 4,400 (L) x 2,500 (W) x 1,800 (H) mm
  • Net weight: 3,500 kg
  • Working time : 40 min/lot

Main Features

Screw conveyor

Equipped with a perforated rotating stainless steel drum



Circulates hot air

No. Item Description
1 Pickling Cleans lead cores with an acid solution
2 Warm water washing Rinses remaining acid solution
3 Dryer Dries lead cores

Machine description

  • Lead core fed into the screw conveyor by a feed chute
  • Lead core undergoes pickling, rinsing, soaping, and hot air drying processes 
  • Dried lead core discharged by an exhaust chute