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601 Figueroa Street, Suite 4600
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Necking & Final Trimming

Necking and Final Trimming Machine (NFTM)


Efficiently forms cartridge necks and trims cartridge cases to final sizes.

Caliber range  

Small arms ammunition

Additional technical data

  • Stroke: 120 mm

Machine description

  • After heading and head turning processes, cases are fed into index dials.
  • Dials run according to an indexed circular motion.
  • Cases pass through lubrication, mouth spreading, first and second taper, plug and trimming processes continuously.
  • At final inspection, good cases are kept, and defective cases are automatically discharged.
Specifications NFTM Option 1 NFTM Option 2
Theoretical rate 200 parts/min 100 parts/min
Number of spindles 16 x 2 ways 16 x 1 way
Hourly capacity Max. 9,600 parts/hr Max. 4,800 parts/hr
Overall dimensions (mm) 2,000 (L) x 1,260 (W) x 2,300 (H) 1,400 (L) x 1,300 (W) x 2,400 (H)
Net weight 4,000 kg 2,000 kg

Main Features


  • Improve productivity by 2-way supply
  • Driven by servo motors, where each motor is dedicated to one dial 

Hopper & feeder

  • Store more than 3,000 cases
  • Equipped with a 2-way supply feeder
No. Item Specification
1 Hopper Minimizes scratches by using urethane coating
2 Feeder Feeds cases into dial
3 Dials Operates parts
4 Main motor Option 1: 5.5 kW inverter motor
Option 2: 2.2 kW inverter motor
5 Frame Minimizes strain on the machine because frame is a single cast